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We have two kinds of oysters

with distinct flavors


Located in Charlestown and Jamestown, Rhode Island Walrus and Carpenter Oyster Farms sit on a six-acre and a two-acre lease in the pristine waters of Ninigret Pond and Dutch Harbor.  The largest of nine salt ponds in the state, Ninigret Pond is the perfect place for bivalves to flourish. The pond’s best asset is the  sandy overwash plane just south of Ninigret Wildlife Refuge.  

Fresh water upwelling from natural springs, in concert with the consistent ebb and flow from the Charlestown Breachway, creates the perfect marriage of salty and sweet.  Chefs often use three words when describing Walrus and Carpenter Oysters: "Briny. Buttery. Better."


Started in 2009 by Jules Opton-Himmel, Walrus and Carpenter Oysters has grown from a small passion project, to one of the most recognized brands in the state.  The goal from the beginning has been to work with the best chefs and thought leaders  within the culinary world.  Our approach is a mix of hard science with a commitment to sustainable food.  


The farm’s main focus is quality not quantity.  Our rack-and-bag culture allows us to keep track of each oyster on the farm to ensure a consistent size and shape.  We pride ourselves on harvesting and delivering to restaurants the same day, guaranteeing chefs get the freshest product possible.  No matter the conditions, we are committed to getting our chefs what they need, when they need it.  We have a saying on the farm, “It don't matter if it's snowin’ or blowin’, we’re still goin’.”

Want to meet the farmers behind our oysters?



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