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Every Thursday & Friday 4pm-6pm
June- September


As an oyster farmer, you get asked a lot of questions. "Where do the oysters grow? Should you only eat them in months that have the letter “r”? Do you ever find pearls?" We find that these are questions best answered on a boat, with a glass of sparkling wine in one hand, and an oyster in the other. Every oyster farm has a unique operation, which is why we suggest you come and tour the farm.  A Walrus and Carpenter Oyster farm tour offers a relaxed and fun educational experience. 


Private Tour:

- Accommodates up to six people


- Licensed Captain and deck hand


- Includes three bottles of sparkling wine


- Plenty of shucked oysters 


- Education on the environmental benefits of ocean farming


- In depth explanation of oyster farming

We are more than happy to work with you to make your farm tour an unforgettable one.  Our goal is to tailor the tour to your liking.


For tour inquires please email:

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